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Joshua Houghton

Hello, My name is Joshua Houghton and I am a Chef/Entrepreneur from Western Massachusetts. I truly love using locally sourced ingredients to provide an unforgettable experience.



Creating Farm-to-Table Experiences on Farm

At Sun One I've had the opportunity to cater these farm to table experiences, such as weddings,private dinners and outdoor gatherings. Sun One Organic is not only an amazing landscape for growing some of the best produce I've ever used, but also an amazing area to meet unique people and experience once in a lifetime events. 


Can you describe one of the amazing farm to table experiences?

For this wedding I put together the fall harvest including potatoes, kale, onions, herbs, squash, and eggplant with the influence of Jewish and mediterranean dishes. In the newly renovated barn we celebrated a beautiful rustic wedding with a vegan buffet that left meat lovers missing nothing.  

Magnetism for exceptional people

sun one brings unique individuals together

Since first stepping foot in 2018, I've noticed that the farm has a powerful ability to attract unique, ambitious and creative souls to its soil.

For me, I feel like i'm being transported. As soon as you arrive, the air itself is outstandingly pure. Its quiet, and peaceful, just the sounds of nature. It allows you to clear your mind, like a meditation, prioritize your thoughts, and really focus on what you want to be doing. You, the ground, the trees, the crops, it's simple and dormant. We are the catalyst , igniting the potential of the area, and our passions within ourselves.

Changing Perspective

coming here shifts one's views

It is no exaggeration that the experiences I have had at this farm are some of the best of my life. It transformed my understanding of farm to table cuisine and my identity as a culinary enthusiast.

Being able to see where your ingredients are coming from, physically pulling them out of the ground or picking from the field, washing, preparing and eating them that day, there is nothing better. The flavor is unmatched; raw, or being kissed with heat, like an open fire or a hot cast iron. 


Ask yourself, what is available to me right now? In your community, what is growing? NO, you can't have watermelon in october. Well I guess you can and that's why it falls flat. But a watermelon salad in summer, with the basil picked so fresh you can still smell the oils on your hands, and feta cheese made from sheep down the road, so funky and grassy you feel like you are grazing with them. THAT is it. It will blow your mind, and you don't have to practice years of technique, or pay a premium price. Fresh food, LIVING ingredients right up until you absorb it into yourself, are some of the best and accessible. Not only is that the true definition of farm to table, but what I realized as one of the biggest factors I wanted to capture as a chef and share with other people. 

Future Visions and Aspirations

what lies ahead

As Sun One continues to adapt, transform, and grow, just like its produce, I hope to be involved with any food concepts, and spread my love for cooking and using locally sourced produce to anyone who finds this hidden gem.

Showing People the process, start to finish, in a day experience. Start with harvesting the ingredients in the morning, then processing and cooking a meal together. Includes a preserving method such as pickling, as a gift people can bring home. This is an experience that is enjoyable and educational , offered often. In reference to a larger project, as something that I can't even accomplish on my own, is having a portion of the farm become a completely immersive experience and adventure. I'm not entirely sure what this even means at this point…let me keep thinking

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