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Host Your Event or Wedding Here!


Spend it
on what


We get it, weddings can get pretty expensive!

At Sun One Organic Farm, we believe you should focus on inviting friends and family, having great food, a quality sound system, and bringing your vision to life. Money spent on those aspects make the difference between a wedding and a W E D D I N G.

There are so many aspects to plan and budget for, the space itself is only one piece of the puzzle, in our eyes, the venue is where you have your celebration, its not the whole celebration. Speaking of where...

Sun One Organic Farm is a canvas where your vision for a nature-based celebration and reception is created.


Place Based

When you are here,
You're Here


All that happens on a particular property or location is unique to that place, and is celebrated.

Being "Place-Based" refers to the idea of being connected to and grounded in a specific place or location. In our context, we're situated on 66 acre mix of pasture, woodland, wetland, springs, streams, and prime farmland. All these aspects contribute to a feeling that's hard to describe, but those who have been will agree.

Take a walk around, there is a lot to see!


Your self.
Do it.


For the most part, you are on your own, but with plenty of support!

While we have friends who cook delicious food, take stunning photos, make lovely bouquets, and other event and wedding related things, we are not an all inclusive venue and will not be able to cover all your needs for planning your event. For the most part you should plan to bring and hire all that you need for your event.

That being said, we can provide a helpful amount of hard infrastructure in terms of tables, chairs, silverware, plates, spaces with roofs and coverings, and of course power and water. In terms of soft infrastructure, we grow a lot of plants! Consider chatting with us early about flowers, ingredients, and more that can be utilized custom for your event.


To the bit,
We commit.


We're just trying to be us, emerging from time spent here and longevity of relationships.

We are a collection of people who have called this place home during our lives. We've farmed here, lived here, partied here...and some of us got married here. As as we found out, our spot makes a pretty awesome venue for events!

This is a real farm, we grow things, it is beautiful and we want to share the beauty with you.


'Who made that?'
Let me introduce


Being that we're a farm with plenty of natural and upcycled materials around, there is a lot to be creative with!

Having an event or wedding here means being part of a creative process that been happening here for a long time. Whether it's friends who have built sculptures, planted flowers, blasted music at raves, ran all you can eat food events, or designed and built dwellings and structures, there are an increasing amount of cool things sprinkled across the property.

The Details

Up  to 120 Guests

10+hr Rent Times

Ceremony & Reception

3 Lodgings On Site

2 Built Bathrooms

Ample Parking

Outdoor Patio

Greenhouse Space

Dog Friendly

Solar Powered

Wooden Bar & Wet Bars

Firepit & Chairs

Contact us to Schedule a Tour!

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