farming practices

Our Approach


Our organic crops are free from pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers of any kind. GMOs are forbidden. Machinery is neglected.


At Sun One Organic Farm, we believe man power is the ultimate way to reconnect with nature and grow the healthiest food possible.


With a trustworthy crew of dedicated workers, fueled by our creations, we are able to manage a small plot of 5 acres with only hand tools.

Putting the 'Community' in CSA

We live in an era where the CSA model is under siege from large corporations, advertising pre-packaged boxes of veggies as "local" - shipped in from hundreds of miles away!

Sun One is committed to upholding ethical and transparent farming practices. We believe a farm is only as good as the people involved. That's why we strive to be more than just good farmers, but good people.

Whether it's hosting open events or farm tours, showing the community how we operate, we maintain an open door policy to encourage anyone interested to come take a walk on the Organic side!



We have one small tractor that we use to start a brand new plot. Besides that, all of our crops are labors of love and hard work with hand tools only. Machines are harmful to the microbial life that the soil needs to feed nutrients to our crops.


We sow seeds of clover to replenish missing nutrients from previous grow cycles. This is one of the techniques used in permaculture, a name given to the principle of sustainable agriculture, which we think can save humanity from our own destructive path.