Our organic CSA

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Sun One Organic is committed to bringing fresh, local, organic food to the residents of the Litchfield County area of Connecticut. Our organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a vital part of that mission. Today's market is saturated with overly processed food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, often shipped from thousands of miles away. But even beyond that, the modern agriculture system breaks the bonds between the community and their food. How many people know the name of the farmer who grew their produce? How many have seen the land where those sun-kissed vegetables are grown?


This is where CSA comes into the picture. We at Sun One Organic believe in the mission of connecting the community with its food and the people who grow it. We're also committed to healthy, sustainable farming practices. As a Certified Organic farm, we never use synthetic sprays or fertilizers. And yet we know that we have to go beyond that. This is why we've begun to practice minimal-to-no-tillage farming. Low-impact farming is critical to maintaining a healthy soil microbiology, which results in healthy, nutrient dense vegetables on your plate.


But we can't do all this without your support. Signing up for a CSA provides the funds necessary to buy seeds and compost, to repair equipment, and to hire the additional hands needed to maintain the farm.

2022 csa share information

Large Family Share

Mid June - Mid October: A large array of produce along with herbs, flowers, and fruit when available.

Share pickup either on the farm in Bethlehem, CT or at the Watertown, CT Farmers Market.

Small Family Share

Mid-June - Mid October: Same variety as Full Family Share, in a smaller package. Better suited to individuals or couples.


Share pickup either on the farm in Bethlehem, CT or at the Watertown, CT Farmers Market.

I understand that by signing up, I am providing Sun One Organic Farm with funds needed to operate the farm during the 2020 growing season. I agree to share in the risks of agriculture with the farmers, and I understand that although the farmers will aim to supply me with an ample quantity of many different vegetables and fruits, there is no guarantee that any specific fruit or vegetable, or any specific quantity, will be distributed in the Farm Share.


HAZARDS ON THE FARM I understand that although every effort is made to make the farm safe for visitors, there may be hazards. Hazards include uneven ground, bees, sharp objects, farm equipment, etc. I also agree to stay in designated areas of the farm. I agree not to hold the farmland owners (Maddox, LLC), the farmers, or Sun One Organic Farm, LLC liable for any injury that might occur at the farm.